Lab Support & Testing

At Influentive, we understand the importance of ensuring that cosmetic products are safe, effective, and meet the regulations in the EU and UK. That’s why we offer lab support services for cosmetics, collaborating with accredited laboratories to provide a comprehensive range of analysis and lab tests.

Our team of experts will guide you through the process, from the initial order to analysis of the results. We offer a variety of standard lab tests required for the EU process, as well as additional and more specific testing tailored to the needs of your product.

With our commitment to transparency, you can trust us to manage everything from shipment to the lab to the delivery of detailed results.

 The tests supported by our lab includes:

Stability Testing

The stability test evaluates a cosmetic product’s safety and efficacy over its lifecycle. It assesses physical and chemical specifications, packaging compatibility, and determines the product’s shelf life. Compatibility tests are done on the final packaging. The product is analyzed for three months under various conditions to detect interactions with the container.

Microbiological Tests

Microbiological tests, such as challenge tests and water activity tests, are used to evaluate the potential for microbial contamination in a cosmetic product. These tests may involve exposing the product to a range of microorganisms to evaluate its resistance to contamination.

Tolerability Tests

Tolerability tests are used to evaluate the potential for skin irritation or allergic reactions to a cosmetic product. These tests may include patch testing, which involves applying a small amount of the product to the skin to evaluate the potential for irritation or allergic reaction.

Preservative Efficacy Testing

Challenge testing is a type of microbiological analysis that assesses the ability of a product’s preservative system to prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms over time. It involves inoculating the product with microorganisms and monitoring their growth under various conditions to evaluate the effectiveness of the preservative system. Challenge testing is important for ensuring cosmetic product safety and preventing harmful contaminants that could cause adverse health effects in users.

Efficacy Tests

Efficacy tests are used to evaluate the effectiveness of a cosmetic product in achieving its intended purpose. These tests may include consumer use studies, which involve having a group of consumers use the product and report on their experiences.

Toxicology Assessments

Toxicology assessments are used to evaluate the potential for toxicity or other harmful effects associated with a cosmetic product. These assessments may involve evaluating the ingredients used in the product and their potential for harmful effects on human health.