Prior to Brexit, the UK was part of the EU and cosmetics companies were able to use the EU’s Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP) to register their products for sale in the UK market. However, since Brexit, companies that wish to sell cosmetic products in the UK must now register their products through the UK SCPN portal instead of the EU’s CPNP.


The process for registering cosmetics through the UK SCPN portal is similar to the process for registering through the EU’s CPNP. Companies are required to submit information such as the product name, the responsible person’s name and address, the product’s composition, labeling, and function, and any specific warnings or precautions. This information is then reviewed by the UK authorities to ensure that the product complies with UK cosmetic regulations before it can be placed on the UK market.

For the EU, the registration process is still through the EU’s CPNP, and the information is reviewed by the relevant EU authorities to ensure compliance with EU cosmetic regulations. It is important to note that the regulations for cosmetics in the EU and UK have diverged since Brexit, so companies may need to comply with different regulations and requirements for each jurisdiction.